CointiplyFire Faucet : The Best Auto Faucet

Possible rewards: 10 (99%), 11-50 (1%) satoshi

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Legit Faucets - Called also BTC Surfing. After registration the best choice is to use "Surf ads" option. It is simple concept. Keep browser card with ad open until u get reward. You can get from 3 to 60 satoshi per one ad. The card with ad don't need to be even active. You can withdraw satoshi via Faucethub or directly into Bitcoin wallet. Check it out. Very reliable.

Febbit Game - It is not a Faucet it is a game. You kind of controlling little frog which dig for you some satoshi's in mine cart. You can claim some coins once per hour. There is also upgrade feature which provide your frog to dig a little faster. If u gather 1000 satoshi u can withdraw those to your Faucethub account. I put this game as last on my list because it slowly giving less and less coins per hour but i still think its worth a shot.


Cointiply - Most popular faucet though they giving now less satoshi per faucet claims or games.
Still they paying nice for surveys and videos. 1 coin equals approx 2 satoshi.


Coinpot Faucets - There is a group of sites using the same platform as cryptocurrency wallet called Coinpot
Those sites work in a simple way: There is a timer and amount of crypto which will gather when the time passes. At first amount grows fast but after some time it slowing down gradually. The best way to gather the most is to claim as often as you can. Minimal waiting time between claims is depending of site you choose but usually it is approx 5 minutes. Each claim u get also 3 coinpot tokens which for now equals 2 satoshi

Moon Bitcoin - First coinpot faucet from the list. Claim as much satoshi as u can but keep it in mind that there is 5 minutes timer between claims. There is referral and loyality bonus so it is a nice idea. Check it out!

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Doge - Same concept as Moon Bitcoin just with the Doge.

Moon Doge

Moon Dash - Another clone of Moon Bitcoin, but you can claim Dash there.

Moon Dash

Moon Litecoin - If you are a fan of Litecoin here you can farm some of litoshi with the same rules which are in Moon Bitcoin

Moon Litecoin

Moon Cash - another Coinpot faucet based on same formula. This time u can farm some Bitcoin Cash satoshi's.

Moon Cash

Bit Fun- A little different Coinpot faucet. Here u can claim with 2 minutes timer. There is no loyality bonus, only referral one. There also bunch of games and offerwalls if you wanna spent more attention to this site. I like it for giving nice amount of satoshi every claim.

Bit Fun

Bonus Bitcoin - On this faucet you can claim within 15 minutes but you can get up to 5000 satoshi per claim. All depends on your luck ;) . You can also choose to get regular amount of satoshi which is for now approx 12 coins. There is also a 5% daily bonus from all of claims you got each day.

Bonus Bitcoin

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